testimonials: castle florida

After more than 30 successful years in the construction industry, we have a fantastic portfolio of happy customers ranging from basic renovations to complete building construction. Below are a sample of recent letters received from our customers. Please contact our office to see how we can solve all of your construction needs.

Castle Florida
Dear Lloyd,

Thanks for all your help and, of course, for saving me a ton of money.


Dear Guys,

Many thanks foe a job well done. You have made our home more delightful. Warmest wishes for a good year.


Dear Richard,

Adam and I want to thank you for making our store such a success. It has been 6 months since we completed work on the Delray Beach, Big Al's Steaks. Business is good and our design has proven to work as well as we anticipated.

There are no adequate words to express our gratitude to you and the Castle Florida Team for the work you did for us. You came highly recommended and you exceeded all of my expectations.

From the beginning, your guidance and advice were 'right on target' demonstrating your professionalism and experience. Once the project was in motion, your project managers handled the intricacies of our job perfectly and your stable of contractors was up to the task, interacting smoothly with each other. You prepared us in advance for any potential surprises, and when a few did arise, you handled them as we had planned.

Adam and I felt that we were all a team working together for a common goal. It was a very satisfying and rewarding experience.

We look forward to working with you and your team in the future. We have recommended you to many people already and we will continue to do so. Thanks for everything.


Dear Richard, Lloyd & Jay,

You are a totally awesome group and I greatly appreciate and will always value the kind, professional and excellent way you took care of me and the renovation.


Special thanks to all the gang at Castle - for an extra & fantastic job.

A-Christian Glass

Richard, Lloyd, Jay, George, Charity, Lisa & Roz,

Thank you all for the great service you provide!


Dear Richard, Lloyd and Jay,

We would like to thank you for all your help and support on our project - from conception to completion. Your company is the best that we have ever worked with, and we doubt that no matter where we live that we will never find another with your standard of excellence.

Mary & Tom

Dear Richard,

Thank you for a really wonderful place and for helping us and our lobstermen in Maine get a good start in Florida - in Delray!


Dear Richard,

John Suteu dropped off the final invoice for the renovations and I wanted to provide some observations and comments regarding our experience. This was our eighth (8th) "project" that we have undertaken, ranging minor (renovating a kitchen) to major (designing our own house plans and building ground up) through acting as "Owner/Builder" for a house renovation, and we have dealt with a wide range of experiences from very positive through a horrible disaster. So I hope you consider my comments from someone that has a certain level of experience and not a "rookie".

First, John Suteu is excellent and the best project manager we have ever had, although I know he acted in more of an executive role vs. project manager. He is a true professional, kept customer satisfaction as a focal point and maintained an open line of communication throughout the project. He effectively set and managed customer expectations, which is very difficult when dealing with many uncontrollable variables, and we were kept informed and I felt exceedingly confident in him and his honesty. As a former business executive myself, I know the skill set required to maintain the balance between customer satisfaction and profitable projects and it would send me off the deep end when staff would make decisions that negatively impacted profit in the name of "customer satisfaction" without understanding the key is setting and managing expectations and not saying "yes" all the time or making commitments they had no control over. John understands and executes and you should be very proud of him and the value he brings to your firm.

Our experience with Castle ranks as probably overall the best we have ever had in a construction project. The project came in "on time" and "within budget" which is a rarity. The quality was as expected and your firm paid attention to the details and made several recommendations that added value to the final product. Everyone we dealt with in your company was very pleasant, professional and it was obvious to both Pam and me that integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction are values highly held by you and your staff. The willingness of you and your personnel to take the initiative to represent me on situations not included in our agreement, but part of the overall project, was very much appreciated and serves as an example of quality you expect to be delivered by anyone associated with your projects.

Richard, I would gladly provided a positive reference to anyone seeking opinions that is considering contracting Castle for construction services. Thank you, John Suteu and all the other members of your team for making the renovation a positive experience.